Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hi everyone today after I finished my Homeschool I decided to get
creative and started looking for my paper and items for my layout.
Here is another layout I want to share with all of you. Oh thank you
so much for following my blog :) I am so happy! Here are some pictures
of my layout.

Hope you like my Pinky Cage Layout the things that I used to create this layout are
1. TH Birdcage
2. Mom's lace
3. Bling, pears and butterflies
4. Fabric flowers (my mom show me how to make)
5. Some of mom's flowers and leaves she sales on her
6. 12x12 Pink polka dot paper from Target
7. Solid cardstock
8. Hot glue
Hope you like my layout and leave me a comment, I loved reading the ones today.
I was very happy and makes me want to make more layouts. Thank you :)
I can almost post everything on my own which makes me happy because I don't have
to ask mom. I like doing things by myself because I really don't like to wait sometimes :)
Hope you like my layout :) Please leave me a comment Thank You!
Love, Nataleigh

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Sparkled Layout Created on 2/23/2011

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I am so happy my parents gave me permission to have my
own blog. I was so excited that I decided to create a special layout so you could see.
I surprised my mom when I showed it to her because this is her favorite color. She was so happy
and proud of me that she gave me a HUGE hug and told me I was so talented. I am glad that I
am able to share my art with you all. Here are some pictures of my layout I hope you will like it.

I want to call is my Sparkled Layout because it sparkles so pretty in the light. Things that I used
in my layout:

1. 12x12 glitter paper from Target
2. Circle paper from Target
3. Solid aqua cardstock
4. Mom's lace
5. Bling & mini butterfly
6. Paper Flowers and silk ones too
7. Butterfly
8. Pearl sprays
9. Glimmer Mist and hot glue

I was so happy yesterday because my mom gave me lots and lots of flowers and she told me I
could pick as many picks as I wanted. I got to fill out my craft caddy with more than 300 picks.
I am so happy I will be creating alot of layouts, minis and cards with flowers the ones she would never
let me get they are now all mine :) Please leave a comment, thanks! Nataleigh