Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hi everyone today after I finished my Homeschool I decided to get
creative and started looking for my paper and items for my layout.
Here is another layout I want to share with all of you. Oh thank you
so much for following my blog :) I am so happy! Here are some pictures
of my layout.

Hope you like my Pinky Cage Layout the things that I used to create this layout are
1. TH Birdcage
2. Mom's lace
3. Bling, pears and butterflies
4. Fabric flowers (my mom show me how to make)
5. Some of mom's flowers and leaves she sales on her
6. 12x12 Pink polka dot paper from Target
7. Solid cardstock
8. Hot glue
Hope you like my layout and leave me a comment, I loved reading the ones today.
I was very happy and makes me want to make more layouts. Thank you :)
I can almost post everything on my own which makes me happy because I don't have
to ask mom. I like doing things by myself because I really don't like to wait sometimes :)
Hope you like my layout :) Please leave me a comment Thank You!
Love, Nataleigh


  1. This turned out so pretty mi amor!!!! I will never finish telling you that you are so talented!!! I luv ya besitos!!!


  2. Nataleigh - your layout is BEAUTIFUL! You should be very proud to be such a talented crafter already! :)

  3. Aye! Nataleigh, you did an amazing job! You are so talented and I'm sure the Lord will bless you in a big way! You are a little artist and I'm honored to know you. Thank you for sharing you art with us!

  4. I love your blog, and the music is off the chain!!! Beautiful layout too♥

  5. I love your layout---and your blog.Yes, you are very artistic and I am so happy you decided to share your talents with us.Thanks for being such a inspiration to other younger crafters.

  6. Hi Nataleigh: I love you blog and also your music.
    Your layout are beautiful just remenber your creations are one of a kind.
    Say hello to your Mami for me.

  7. HI Nataleigh,
    I love your blog and projects--you are very talented with a good eye for design.
    My oldest son is 11 and has mild aspergers with add...he is also very creative.
    I am now following your blog--and look forward to seeing more of your precious creations.

    Big Cricky Hugs,
    K Andrew