Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Sparkled Layout Created on 2/23/2011

Hi everyone, this is my first post. I am so happy my parents gave me permission to have my
own blog. I was so excited that I decided to create a special layout so you could see.
I surprised my mom when I showed it to her because this is her favorite color. She was so happy
and proud of me that she gave me a HUGE hug and told me I was so talented. I am glad that I
am able to share my art with you all. Here are some pictures of my layout I hope you will like it.

I want to call is my Sparkled Layout because it sparkles so pretty in the light. Things that I used
in my layout:

1. 12x12 glitter paper from Target
2. Circle paper from Target
3. Solid aqua cardstock
4. Mom's lace
5. Bling & mini butterfly
6. Paper Flowers and silk ones too
7. Butterfly
8. Pearl sprays
9. Glimmer Mist and hot glue

I was so happy yesterday because my mom gave me lots and lots of flowers and she told me I
could pick as many picks as I wanted. I got to fill out my craft caddy with more than 300 picks.
I am so happy I will be creating alot of layouts, minis and cards with flowers the ones she would never
let me get they are now all mine :) Please leave a comment, thanks! Nataleigh


  1. I just found your blog and I am so excited! I just love your layout. The colors are so pretty and the flowers are GORGEOUS! Give your sister and your Mom a big hug for me!

  2. Hi Nataleigh! Your blog is so cute...I'm a friend of your mama's and it's so super cool to see young ladies like yourself crafting at an early age! You go girly! :)

  3. Your sparkled layout is really stunning! The flowers are so pretty and the papers are very beautiful. It is so nice to see the work of a very talented girl like you!
    To read your profile made me happy... Thank you for being you!

    xxx Loes

  4. Thank you so much your comments made me smile :)
    I have just finished homeschool and I am going to create again :) love Nataleigh

  5. So cute, talented like your mom!

  6. You are on fire girlie! tamale! Great job and I can't wait to see more!

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