Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Working Hard

Hi :) sorry I have not been keeping up with my blog. I have been working hard on my home school and also
I have been creating :). I have been working on my project for Ms. Linda's blog hop on the 12th and I'm so happy :) she let me join in, thank you Ms. Linda! I want to share a little bit of what I have been doing for this hop.

I have been working hard on this project everyday and I can't wait to finish it!
I hope to be finished with my project soon because I can't wait to see it all done and can't wait for the hop.
Remember the hop will be on the 12th and it starts at Ms. Linda's blog
Hope everyone has a fun week and please leave me a comment I love reading them :)
Thanks Nataleigh


  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Nataleigh! OM gosh!!!! It's coming out so perfect! I can't wait to see what your finished mini looks like! I adore the paper you are using; so bright! Look at you! A mirror image of you mama. I'm so excited for the blog hop and can't wait to see your piece of art work!

  2. Aye Nataleigh...your mini is coming out so Adorable...I can not wait to see it all finished! Your mama must be so proud of you girly...and It's an honor to have you aboard on this blog hop...and I'm so happy that you are Baby Chica! Lol! :) Hugs!

  3. i wish my daughter would ge into my son does what a good idea o make a blog for him